curriculum vitae


Jeton Muja’s art practice has always been dedicated to investigation and research of different media, themes and ways of expression. Since 2004, his essential leitmotiv has been the syntagma “Investigation continues”, the slogan used in his home country for the people who disappeared during the war. He has been articulating the concept of investigation through drawings, videos, installations and performances.


2001-2004 - Faculty of Art, Prishtina, Kosovo, diploma of Graphic art
2004-2007 - Master of Fine Arts, Graphic art


Future exhibitions and presentations

Collaborative projects

Museum Bureau Europa / l'Art pour elkaar, open studio exhibition, Maastricht, the Netherlands, November 2018 

No Fluxus with Thierry Thiller , Belgium 2017

Sishima Kamikija project  at Gallery Maruhi, Nezu Tokyo/Japan 2017

IO50 24th Biennale / Mao Museum Ljubljana, interactive video project ‘Borders/Boundaries’ in cooperation with Maureen Bachaus for the BIO50}hotel project, Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 2014.
Flux Factory New York, the 'Utopia Project', video project & public debates, in cooperation with art-collective 'Either/or..or..or', October 2014.


Solo exhibitions (a selection)

Center of Prishtina ( in front of the Government building ), National day  of the disappeared , Performance , April -2017
KC GRAD, Beligrad, Serbia, 2013
National Gallery, Prishtinë, Kosovo, 2010
CNDA- Paris, Expo-Performance, France, 2008
National Museum, Tiranë, Albania, 2006


Group exhibitions (a selection) 

"END"- Center of Contemporary Art  Empirical Nonsense / New York September 2020

Gallery  S&H De Buck / Gent, Belgium / September 2020

"Impressions " - Exit11 Center of Contemporary Art/ Grand leez- Namur, Belgium , August2020

Adoráble Art+Design Gallery/ The Hague, The Netherlands / March 2020

Gallery Kunstkomple + mennuni / Basel/ Switzerland/ February 2020

GALERIE BARDOHL&SCHEEL, Berlin/ Germany / 2019

Gallery  S&H De Buck / Gent, Belgium / November 2019

Contemporary Art Biennale / Champion, Belgium / October 2019

Contemporary Art Center Varg e Vi / Gjilan, Kosovo / October 2019

Gallery Kunstkomplex / Wuppertal , Germany / 27 September 2019

The butterfly effect, group exhibition with new works, Contemporary Art Gallery EXIT11 ,Belgium, 17 March - 28 April 2019

PakjeKunst, selected multiple, De Brandweer, Maastricht (NL), 2018

HuB.Kerkrade, selected multiple. Participating countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria and Switzerland, 2018

Biennale of  EX- YU Countries, Center of Contemporary art Podgorica, Montenegro - 2018

Exhibition of drawing, National Gallery, Prishtina, Kosovo, February - 2017

Face to Face” ,Imago Mundi , Bosnian Culture Center- Sarajevo ,Bosnia and Hercegovina - 2017

Biennale d`art de Jodoigne , Jodoigne – Belgium - 2016
Scenes Connected Festival, interactive art project, Maastricht, the Netherlands - 2016
Neurotitan Gallery , Berlin, Germany - 2015
Mala Stanica, multi media center of the National Gallery of Macedonia, group exhibition with our art collective BAUM, Oct 2015

Dokufest, 'DokuPast - Investigation Continues..', collaborative project & exhibition, Prizren, Kosovo, august 2015

International of contemporary art exhibition “Multimedia Center” –Skopie ,Macedonia - 2015

Werkstatt Gallery, International of graphic art exhibition, Zurich, Switzerland, 2015

Alternative Space for Contemporary Art 'Collectif Denface', Rouen France, 2015

Multimedia center National Gallery, Post-Transitional relevance: a mix of several dinner parties' - Skopie, Macedonia, 2014

National Gallery Macedonia, International Exhibition - Skopie, Macedonia, 2014
Center of Contemporary Art 'Varg e Vi' - Gjilan Kosovo, 2012
Multimedia centar mala stanica, Exhibition of contemporary art - Skopie, Macedonia, 2012
National Gallery Kosovo, Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Kosovo, 2011
Center of Contemporary Art 'Varg e Vi', Exhibition “Varg e VI Group “ - Gjilan, Kosovo, 2011
National Gallery Kosovo, International exhibition “Muslim Mulliqi-Prize", Kosovo, 2010
National Gallery Kosovo, International Bienale of Drawing - Kosovo, 2010
National Gallery Kosovo, International exhibition “Muslim Mulliqi-Prize", Kosovo, 2009
Performance in Center of Town - Gjilan, Kosovo, 2009
Salle Bouvrille, Les Elbeuf - France, 2009
IUMF-Galeria “La Pasarelle” - Rouen, France, 2009
National Gallery Macedonia, group exhibition, Skopie, Macedonia, 2008

Saloon of 42 - Grand Queville, France, 2008
Galeria 'La muse de l`art' - Rouen, France, 2007
National Museum,  'Investigation Continue' - Tirana, Albania, 2007
Centre Culture Arsenal - Moubeuge, France, 2007
Abbaye de Saint Denis  - Oburg, Belgium, 2007
Abbaye d`Aulne - Gozee, Belgium, 2007
Salle J.Gallant Parc Communale, Jurbise - Lens, Belgium, 2007
Collective exhibition - Ville sur Hain, Belgium, 2007
XVIII`s Bienale of drawings, National Gallery - Prishtina, Kosovo, 2004
We only have 12 hours - Shopping Center Performance - Prishtina,  Kosovo, 2004

Art Colony Galichnik, Macedonia, international multimedia residency, 15-22 augustus 2011

Art collectives
Co-Founder and member of the international art collective BAUM, 2014
Co-Founder and member of the international art collective Either/or..or..or, 2013-2014
Co-Founder and Director of Varg e Vi Contemporary Art Center, Gjilan Kosovo
Lecture at University Ljubljana about the interactive art project Borders & Boundaries, 2014

Media (a selection)
RTK, national television Kosovo - personal documentary, 2014
RTK, national television Kosovo - documentary about Varg e Vi Contemporary Art Center, 2014

TVSH, Top Chanel, NEWs 24 from Albania, 2006

Kosovo RTK, KTV ,TV21, documentary, 2006

Publications (a selection)

The book "La parole, le immagini del desiderio" from  gallery S&H De Buck, Gent- Belgium
Catalogue 'Post-Transitional relevance: a mix of several dinner parties', 2014
Catalogue 'Investigation Continues', KC GRAD, Beligrad, Serbia, 2014

Catalogue on occation of personal exhibition, national gallery of Kosovo, 2010


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